What do the TikTok codes 5801, 0473, 2201, 8750 and 4202 mean?

What do the TikTok codes 5801, 0473, 2201, 8750 and 4202 mean?
What makes the TikTok algorithm so effective?

Different code combinations have been all over social media recently, as a way to communicate a particular message in secret.

Not so long ago, the numbers were popping up on Instagram Notes and people were using code in order to cryptically reveal the initial of their crush.

For example "o22" meaning the letter "A" for names like Aaron and Amy.

But it seems that there is a whole set of different codes that convey longer sentences and express how we're truly feeling without actually having to use the exact words - here's a breakdown of the ones you need to know.

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The number "5801" may be used in the context of a relationship or former relationship - "I'm sorry for loving you."

A popular code is "0473" and many use this because it means "‘Hug me please" whether that be in real life or virtually.

In a brutal way to end a relationship with a significant other, simply sending the code "4202" means "Let’s end this".

For those bad days where you want to avoid every human being at all costs, there's a code for that too - "8750" meaning "I hate everyone."

Meanwhile if you want to say "Thank you, goodbye" to someone the code for this is 6929.


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If we were feeling sad then perhaps we would use the following codes:

  • 2789 - I'm tired of life
  • 7492 - I wish I could have a better life
  • 6499 - please help me through this pain
  • 1213 – I have a headache
  • 4411 – I feel numb

On the other hand, there are also some more codes with happier meanings and if you're trying to get the attention of a crush.

  • 2201 - stay happy love
  • 5280 - be mine
  • 6027 - help I'm falling for you
  • 6302 - I'm starting to like you
  • 3256 - you're so attractive.
So if you see different number combinations on your feed, now you know why...

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