What is the meaning of the numbers trend taking over TikTok and Instagram?

What is the meaning of the numbers trend taking over TikTok and Instagram?
What makes the TikTok algorithm so effective?

Code such as "o22", "o33, or o45" has been appearing on social media accounts as part of a new trend on the likes of Instagram and TikTok.

But what does it mean and why are people adding this to the profiles?

Here's everything you need to know about the letter and number combination trend.

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An example of the code that has appeared includes "o22" in their bio's on social media or on Instagram Notes, and it turns out that this actually represents the letter "A".

This is contributing to a cryptic trend where social media users reveal the letter of their crush's initial or name.


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For example "o22" meaning "A" could represent someone having a crush/dating someone called Aaron, Alex, Amy etc.

But this is not the only code as there is a different one that corresponds with each letter of the alphabet.

Some further examples include "o33" which stands for the letter "M" which could be referring to names such as Matthew, Megan, Michael.

While "o45" is for "J" names, like James, Jessica, Justin, for instances.

This secret code has been shared on TikTok with people revealing a full chart A-Z of all the letter-number meanings, while some have been revealing their crush/the person they're dating's initial, with a screenshot from their Instagram Notes.

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