TikTok's fake Christmas card prank has the internet in stitches

TikTok's fake Christmas card prank has the internet in stitches
Person makes mom cry every Christmas, no matter how bad the gifts …

A hilarious new trend is taking over TikTok that involves sending a relative a fake Christmas card and capturing their reactions.

Let's face it, no one loves their cards as much as parents – and it isn't officially Christmas without the house being decked out with them. But now, people are taking the Christmas cheer to the next level, with fakes.

One TikToker, El (@prattylala), shared her scheme in a clip that racked up almost a million views.

She asked her colleague to write out a card addressed to her parents, so wouldn't get suspicious of the handwriting.

"To Penny and John, I hope your Christmas is as wonderful as you both are, can’t wait to catch up in the New Year," it read. "All the best, Martha and Phillip."

The card hilariously sent her father, John, into a state of confusion. The video showed him calling upstairs to his wife, Penny, asking who the mystery couple were, but she also seems stumped.

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John continued to read the card out loud in hopes that it rejigged his memory, while Penny asked whether it was put through a door by someone local or paid postage to try and narrow the search down.

"As wonderful as both of you are? That’s a bit too much!" he continued.

He responds to yet another suggestion from his wife: "It can’t be them; they would have put their two girls’ names down.

"So, who the hell are Martha and Phillip?"


All the best, Martha and Phillip #fakechristmascard #merrychristmas #allthebest

Hundreds of fellow TikTokers flocked to the clip in hysterics.

"This WILL keep him awake at night for the forseeable," one commented.

Another joked: "Take a shot every time he says 'Martha and Phillip'".

Meanwhile, one encouraged the TikToker to keep it going, writing: "Next step: wedding anniversary card in which they mention that they can still remember how beautiful their wedding was."

The trend, which appears to have taken off last year, has since dominated TikTok with people sending the fake Christmas cards. Here's some of the best ones:


My favourite part of Christmas #foryou #prank


nice one dan and eve x #christmascardprank


Pranked Parents with Christmas Card #UK #christmas #xmas #christmas2021 #prank

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