What is TikTok's 'girlfriend effect' trend all about?

What is TikTok's 'girlfriend effect' trend all about?

What is TikTok's 'girlfriend effect' trend all about?

TikTok / @andy.and.michelle

A new TikTok trend, dubbed the "girlfriend effect", features women showing off their boyfriends' "glow-ups" since they started dating.

With over 58 million views, the "girlfriend effect" claims that once they find the perfect partner, they go through a "glow-up". Often from the help of their partners who upgrade their wardrobe and grooming routine.

The trend consists of women showing the "before" and "after" photos of their partner, highlighting the change in appearance that occurred during their relationship, with the girlfriends taking the credit for the marked improvement.

It also often involves implementing styling advice and improvements on their partners.

See some examples of the trend below:


it took 7 years but he looks good 🥴 ib:@Aileenchristineee #andyandmichelle


my air must’ve been airing ib: @Aileenchristineee #andreaandlewis #couplegoals #girlfriendair #boyfriendair


Do y’all believe in the gf effect? 😂

One woman joked that the girlfriend effect was "in progress" with her boyfriend, showing videos of her taking him shopping to get a new wardrobe:


Introducing my man to the capsule wardrobe. No more skinny jeans bby😚 #capsulewardrobe #girlfriendeffect #hmhaul #winteroutfits

And it's not just the girlfriends thinking they've had an impact, as the comments overwhelmingly agree with them.

"When your man is comfortable and feels safe he will glow," read one sweet comment under a woman's TikTok.

Another wrote: "My jaw dropped."

"Girl you saved his life", joked another.

Even the boyfriends are admitting they are grateful for the girlfriend's impact on their style and appearance. TikToker Gabe Escobar shared the photos of him before he met his girlfriend followed by the after. Whilst showing pictures he said: "She convinced me, lowkey forced me, to grow out my hair and get a middle part, and it's like, the best thing I've ever done."


#stitch with @lil the girlfriend glow up is so real #relationship #girlfriend #glowup

So it seems there are even more benefits to being in a relationship than we first thought.

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