What is the 'lucky girl syndrome' taking over TikTok?

What is the 'lucky girl syndrome' taking over TikTok?
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If you've been on TikTok recently, chances are you've scrolled across the 'lucky girl syndrome' with people claiming to have changed their lives by applying the theory.

In December, content creator Laura Galebe (@lauragalebe) introduced the concept to TikTok. Since then, many of her 2.5 million viewers have experimented with her affirmations and have taken to the platform to share their results.

"I genuinely consider myself one of the luckiest people I know," Laura said. "I get the most insane opportunities thrown at me out of nowhere."

Laura said she has always felt like the odds have been in her favour, and while she can't pinpoint the exact moment everything started taking off for her, she believes it's because she tells everyone: "I am so lucky."

She added: "I just always expect great things to happen to me – and so they do."

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Two best friends also shared their experience with the trend, explaining that they started saying the phrases "I’m so lucky" and "I don’t know why, but everything always works out for me" all of the time.

They claimed that once they started reiterating this, they were both inundated with random luck.


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The video was quick to rack up over 3.4 million views, along with thousands of comments.

One fellow TikToker said: "This is so real I’ve lucked out SO many times it’s scary!"

Referring to a separate video from someone who took inspiration from Sammy's clip, one user wrote: "THE VIDEO ABOVE FROM THIS IS THIS GIRL SAY SHE SAW YOU GUYS SAY THIS AND SHE STARTED DOING IT AND EVERYTHING STARTED WORKING OUT FOR HER."

A third added: "It just so happened earlier I saw a video talking about this video. Positive energy works. Everything just works out."

One TikToker (@meganguilbeax) said that she immediately tried the trend after watching Sammy's video.

She explained how she started the morning by telling herself "[she is] so lucky and everything works out for [her]".

Megan then claimed that her day was filled with luck, with one of her TikTok videos reaching "a million views" and someone paying for her nails when she visited the salon.


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Many more TikTokers have likened the lucky girl syndrome to the 'law of assumption'.

According to The Daily Dish, the law of assumption is "a theory that maintains that what we assume to be true is what we will eventually manifest. It proposes that our assumptions about life have immense power to positively or negatively impact the fulfilment of our wishes and desires."

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