TikTok fans horrified as world champion diver ignores ‘no women’ sign on waterslide

TikTok fans horrified as world champion diver ignores ‘no women’ sign on waterslide
Diving from a helicopter: Rhiannan Iffland takes the plunge in Sydney Bay
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TikTok fans of world champion diver Rhiannan Iffland were left horrified after seeing the Australian go down Europe's fastest waterslide which has a warning for women not to go down it.

A viral video shows the seven-time consecutive Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series champion taking the plunge at Austria's Area 47 adventure park, ignoring the sign and going for it - with a hint of trepidation in the process.

Some have questioned why there was a sign saying women shouldn't go down it on social media.

Some women who have gone down waterslides less extreme as these have sustained injuries that have required hospital treatment and given others enemas.

Enemas are when fluid is placed in the rectum to empty the lower part of the large bowel. It can also lead to infections caused by foreign bodies found in the water.

But Iffland decided to do it anyway despite the risks.

Captions on the video said: "Apparently this says women are not supposed to do this slide. Yolo."


Went for it anyway. Just once but i did it! 😂 #waterslides #budgysmuggler @Budgy Smuggler

When contacted for comment, Iffland told news.com.au: "It was never my intent to mock the safety regulations of this water slide. A person's safety is paramount and I am constantly weighing up any danger with my job. To suggest otherwise, is wrong."

Some TikTok fans were left horrified in the comments with some women sharing their own experiences of things going wrong when they've gone down water slides.

Shantel Mota said: "I got an enema from a water slide once lmao."

StaceyM said: "Unfortunately I got a water slide enema. Peed out half the swimming pool in the toilet from my butt. I literally couldn't stand upright after it happened. Weirdest thing I've ever experienced."

Carrie said: "It's an instant enema. One and done for me."

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