TikTok 'time traveller' claims there will be a major cancer breakthrough in August

TikTok 'time traveller' claims there will be a major cancer breakthrough in August
'We want to give new travellers ample time to know that the …

A TikTok user claiming to be a time traveller claiming to be from the year 2671 has made a bold claim about a major scientific discovery that is set to happen today (August 12th) - except there is a catch.

The account named @theradiantimetraveller has more than 560, 000 followers on TikTok and has been making outlandish predictions since sharing their first video in November 2022.

In one of the most popular videos on the account, which has more than 1.5 million views the 'time traveller' addresses accusations that they are a 'fake' by highlighting several events that they think will take place in 2023.

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One of the predictions says that on August 12 "scientists create a cure for lung and skin cancer, using a pituitary gland from a squirrel."

It's quite a statement and slightly more feasible than an alien invasion or the apocalypse happening.


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However, it won't take a genius to notice that there is a massive flaw in this video as many of the other predictions haven't even remotely happened.

For instance, the first prediction says that on March 23rd 8000 people were chosen to save humanity by an alien called "The Champion" who will bring them to another planet to save Earth from another alien race.

Sounds like a bad sci-fi movie...

Next up, on May 15th a megatsunami apparently hit San Francisco claiming 200,000 casualties and then on June 12th a 9.5 magnitude earthquake opens a 5 mile deep trench unleashing species long thought to be extinct.

Once again, you'd think you might have heard about a few of these things on the news.

The video wraps up with two predictions for December. The first says a large crystal with healing powers will be discovered in the Amazon Rainforest and that scientist will discover a way to grow replacement organs.

The TikTok was shared in March and has been met with ridicule given that the vast majority of these claims haven't happened at all.

One person wrote: "Why hasn’t any of your predictions come true yet?"

Another said: "Well no one got taken by aliens on 23rd."

A third added: "It's August and I can assure to you that none of this happened."

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