TikTok conspiracy theory claims there are secret codes on toothpaste tubes

TikTok conspiracy theory claims there are secret codes on toothpaste tubes
Dentist debunks viral toothpaste dispenser trend

A wild new theory to emerge on TikTok claims that there are secret codes on tubes of toothpaste that only the most “elite” people know about.

TikTok is no stranger to a bizarre conspiracy theory or two, with people debating everything from the existence of aliens to the Illuminati on the platform.

One of the more bizarre conspiracies to emerge lately is based around tubes of toothpaste and linked to the small square dots that are printed on the end of them.

In one video, a pair of podcasters claimed that the different colour squares represent a code that tells those in the know what is inside the tube.

One of them claimed: “The people that know the code stay away from certain colours of the toothpaste. So, it’s like, if you know, you know.”

They claimed that the green square means the ingredients are all-natural, the blue means it is natural and contains medicine, the red means it is a mixture of natural and chemical products and the black means it is purely chemical.


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The video has been viewed 7.3 million times, but dentists and toothpaste manufacturers have pretty quickly debunked the theory.

Toothpaste manufacturers have explained the coloured squares are there for the light sensors on the machinery used in the manufacturing process, to ensure the tubes are cut and sealed in the correct place.


One dentist explained: “In reality [the colour squares] mean nothing about the ingredients of the toothpaste. It’s only used at the manufacturing process where the marks and colours are read by a sensor, then the machine decides where to cut and seal the packaging.”


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Another agreed, saying: “In reality, Colgate and Crest, and all those people (toothpaste manufacturers) tell us that these little dots on the end are dyes and they allow them to know when the cut is going to happen so they actually make proper sized toothpaste tubes”.


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Colgate posted an article on its website debunking the claim. The company wrote: “We’re sure you’re wondering, so why are there color blocks on toothpaste tubes then? We’re happy to report that they do, in fact, have a purpose!

“They actually help in the manufacturing of the toothpaste tubes by telling light sensors where the end of the tube is so that it can be cut and sealed properly. We know, it’s not as exciting as a secret code, but we think the truth is pretty cool too.”

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