Tourist gets 'mayonnaise' tattoo in hilarious translation blunder

Tourist gets 'mayonnaise' tattoo in hilarious translation blunder
Woman covers her tattoos with makeup to surprise her boyfriend
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A woman has become an overnight sensation after getting the Arabic word for 'mayonnaise' inked on her arm while travelling.

Taking to TikTok on her budget travel page, Cait explained how she and a friend she met at a Morocco hostel decided to get matching tattoos.

The footage shows the pair showcasing their new tatts, before using the Google Translate app to confirm their meaning.

"As a Moroccan I can def confirm that spells out mayonnaise," one fellow TikToker commented, while another reiterated: "It's actually letter by letter spelled mayonnaise."

A third joked how the viral clip was the "best ad for Google by far," and the company seemingly agreed. Joining in on the fun, Google commented: "True friendship is mayonnaise".


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Cait later followed up with a storytime clip, saying she did not expect to receive almost two million views on her initial clip.

"I posted this TikTok as a joke and I have less than 100 followers and I didn’t think anyone was going to see it. But now people are repositing it and it’s kinda getting out of hand," the TikToker joked.

"First of all yes these tattoos are on purpose," she shared. "We were at lunch one day and talking about how beautiful the Arabic language is especially written out."

She continued: "We picked up a mayonnaise package and we were like ‘even mayonnaise looks really beautiful’ written in Arabic, so it became an inside joke."

The group then decided to get it tattooed together and it went down a treat with locals.

"I think it makes it funnier and all of the locals were dying laughing and were taking pictures of Jasmines’s arm," Cait shared. "[So] just know it’s really not that serious."

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