Woman’s 10 ‘controversial’ rules for dating her boyfriend divide the internet

Woman’s 10 ‘controversial’ rules for dating her boyfriend divide the internet
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A woman has revealed the 10 "controversial" rules she and her boyfriend follow in their relationship - but the list has caused a viral debate.

TikToker Gia (@giaaldisert), who has been dating her boyfriend for six years, revealed the different boundaries they have set for one another.

Kicking things off, the first rule is that both Gia and her boyfriend both "always" have their location settings on and noted a number of reasons for this such as safety, convenience e.g. to see when they're leaving work.

"Also neither of us have anything to hide. It would be kind of suspicious if we didn't want each other to see each other's locations," she said.

The second rule is her boyfriend is "not permitted" to go to strip clubs as she "doesn't get the point" of a man going to a strip club if he has a girlfriend as the venue has "a bunch of naked chicks dancing on him."

“I’m okay with him going on boys' trips, and he’s okay with me going on girls' trips," Gia established as the third rule and explained how she and her boyfriend "completely trust each other".


Another rule is that the couple doesn’t “like” other people’s “random thirst traps” on Instagram as this is on a public platform and so people can see one person in the relationship doesn't "respect" the other if they are liking these kinds of snaps.

“And it gives the person in the photo the idea that they have [mine or my boyfriend’s] attention, which is a big no-no," she said.

On a similar note, rule five is they both don’t follow “Instagram models of the opposite sex” as she described this as “inappropriate” since again, this is on a public platform.

“Why are you following a random person you’re attracted to, that’s posting sexual stuff, you know?” she asked rhetorically.

Number six is that neither of them can have a "best best friend" who is the opposite sex because she and her boyfriend are each other's besties.

"We need to be each other’s priorities. We also have some boundaries, like no sleepovers with the opposite sex,” the TikToker outlined.

“And if either of the opposite sex person is being flirty to one of us, then that’s a big no.”

Clubbing is the topic of rule seven, where Gia stated she and her boyfriend are "okay with each other going to clubs".

Reaffirming their trust in one another, she detailed how she goes to the clubs for fun “girls' nights" but believes the reason can be different for guys.

"I think guys go more to have the scene and pick up chicks, but I’m totally fine with my boyfriend going,” she said. “If it became a habit of him going all the time, I’d be a little bit confused.”

It's all about passwords for rule eight as the couple knows each other’s phone passwords.

“If you’re in a relationship, especially for as long as mine, you shouldn’t be hiding anything on your phone,” she said.

“So both of us are just super open with leaving our phones out because you shouldn’t have anything to hide," and added how it can be "convenient" in certain scenarios like ordering a takeaway.


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Gia's ninth rule is she’s “not cool” with watching porn, and believes this particular rule will be deemed as a "controversial" take.

She describes porn as “super toxic for your mind," "gives unrealistic standards" and can be "super addictive," but overall also "seems very unnecessary” given that the couple lives together.

The final rule is that Gia wants her and her boyfriend to be "financially free" before settling down and tying the knot - something she's not prepared to do currently.

"Not only are we super young, but weddings are expensive as f***. Same with engagement rings and everything," the 21-year-old college student said.

Only when she's "financially free" will Gia plan her dream wedding.

At the end of the video, Gia noted while these were her and her boyfriend's rules, she told her audience to “do whatever works” for them.

Since sharing the clip, it has received over 8.5m views and sparked a debate about Gia's rules in the comments section.

One person said: "Girl these are basic healthy relationship rules."

"Every single one is so valid girl especially the corn one and boy trip/girl trips," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "'Sounds more like controlling and avoidant methods, rather than dealing with and communicating each other’s insecurities and working on your stuff."

"We completely trust each other' but also here’s 87 rules," a fourth person commented.

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