Woman explains she goes commando to let her vagina 'breathe'

Woman explains she goes commando to let her vagina 'breathe'
Jenna Bush went commando during dinner with King Charles

A woman has sparked a personal hygiene debate on TikTok after revealing she prefers not to wear underwear.

TikToker Jes Gragg-Hampton (@jesgragghampton) based in the US, revealed the reason why she opts to go commando rather than putting underwear on.

While sitting inside her car, she lip-synced to a song as she detailed through on-screen text the reasons behind doing this.

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"Wearing underwear is not necessary," she wrote.

"Your discharge will decrease if you stop wearing them.

"You should let your cat breathe at night. Going commando is healthier than wearing a thong.

"Just because someone doesn't wear underwear doesn't mean they have bad hygiene."


Wait for the eyes to peak around

Gragg-Hampton is not alone in this opinion as Dr. Falguni Patel, OB/GYN told Bustle that going commando can reduce discharge.

"Often people wear non-cotton undergarments, which prevents proper ventilation," Dr. Patel explained to the publication.

"This leads to greater vaginal discharge. The discharge is not necessarily bad. However, the excessive moisture plus the addition of other negative stimuli such as carbs, antibiotic use, and stress can definitely lead to an overgrowth of yeast and cause symptoms."

Other benefits include preventing yeast infections, chafing and diminishes discomfort from vaginal odor.

Meanwhile, Gragg-Hampton's video went viral with 3.5m views, and nearly 300,000 likes, as the topic sparked a discussion in the comments section about going commando.

Some people weren't exactly fond of the idea...

One person said: "Okay but I cannot stand the feeling of just a lip hanging out in jeans. It makes me want to cry."

"I can’t let it breathe at night because of the possibility of a fire making me run out on the lawn flaps free for the world to see," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "My leaking bladder says no."

"I’m scared of bugs going up there idk why," a fourth person replied.

While others agreed with the TikToker and noted how going commando was more comfortable.

One person said: "I only wear them with jeans honestly… I realized how my scrubs are 100% more comfortable when I’m commando."

"Only time I wear them is when I’m on my period," another person wrote.

Someone else replied: "No back wedgies, no front wedgies, just freedom."

"I started going commando a couple of years ago. Never going back," a fourth person commented.

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