'His hands smell because he scratches his balls': Woman fumes at her husband's lack of hygiene

'His hands smell because he scratches his balls': Woman fumes at her husband's lack of hygiene
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A wife has shared her frustration at her husband’s poor personal hygiene and said his hands smell from scratching his balls.

The woman made the unfortunate revelation in a post on Mumsnet where she vented her frustration at having to prompt her husband to have a shower.

In the post, the woman said: “Currently he has not had a shower for four or five days, I have said a few times over the past few days that he is starting to smell of BO and he still hasn’t had a shower.”

She said that when her husband, who she has two children with, works from home, he wears the same stain-covered clothes for multiple days in a row.

She added: “On the days he goes into the office I have to stand over him and make sure he is choosing clean smart clothing and that he has a wash, a shave, brushes his teeth properly… I know it sounds like I’m making it up but I’m not!”

It’s got to a point that the woman has refused to share a bed with her husband because he not only smells bad but also snores.

The anonymous woman also claimed that he scratches his private parts, making his hands smell.

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She explained: “I have to prompt him to cut his nails because they end up long and dirty.

“Quite often his hands smell because he scratches his balls and his arse and doesn’t wash his hands!”

The woman speculated that her husband may have undiagnosed ADD and revealed that his mother had mental health issues and died when he was young, so “he probably was never taught how to have proper standards for hygiene”.

The woman despaired, telling fellow Mumsnet users she was considering ending their relationship wasn’t sure where to go from here.

Other users were sympathetic to her dire situation, though many said they couldn’t stay married to someone like that.

One person wrote: “Blimey, I'm not squeamish at all but reading that made me feel a bit sick. Why are you still married to him? I just couldn't.”

Another suggested: “I can hear that you have tried to tackle the hygiene but have you tackled the possible mental health issues? And possible neurodivergence?

“He probably needs an ultimatum rather than constant prompts to kick him into gear. Like if you don't speak to your GP about getting an autism or ADD assessment then we can't be together.”

She isn't the first wife to have been frustrated by their husband's hygiene habits. One woman revealed she had to tell her partner to "wipe properly" after he left "skid marks" on their bedsheets.

Another wife was left fuming after her husband came back from a massage parlour with an STI.

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