This is what makes you one of the 'worst' plane passengers, according to TikTok

This is what makes you one of the 'worst' plane passengers, according to TikTok
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There are all sorts of unspoken rules and points of etiquette when it comes to travelling, but TikTok has uncovered the one thing you might be doing that makes you the ‘worst’ kind of passenger on a plane.

Daniel Bennett, who goes by @dxnielbennett on TikTok, shared a video which has racked up more than six million views and focuses on his biggest pet-peeve when it comes to flying.

According to him, it’s putting backpacks and other personal items in the overhead storage compartments, which are intended for carry-on luggage.

"The easiest way to tell if someone is a good person in an airport is to see where they put their luggage when they get on a plane," Bennett said.


straight to jail #airport #travel #goodpeople

"If they put their carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment and they put their personal item, like their backpack or their purse, under the seat, they're a good person and they're aware of their surroundings."

It’s a simple point, but plenty of people agreed with him in the comments.

One viewer wrote in the comments: “Honestly. The worst are the people who put their jacket in the overhead bins.”

“Omg I would throw them off the plane,” Bennett replied.

“Jackets in the overhead. Immediately jail time,” another said.

“I’m a flight attendant and I 100000% agree and I lose brain cells watching this happen when we say to not do that 100 times during boarding,” one more viewer commented.

“Ive seen flight attendants call people out for this and it gives me SO MUCH JOY,” someone added.

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