Ant and Dec absolutely roasted GB News on Nigel Farage’s I'm A Celebrity debut

Ant and Dec absolutely roasted GB News on Nigel Farage’s I'm A Celebrity debut
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Ant and Dec returned to primetime TV last night with the first episode of the new I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, starring Nigel Farage.

The iconic duo are rarely shy about mocking politicians, celebrities and other TV channels live on air, and they were quick to remind viewers of this by blasting GB News, where Farage has a show.

In a widely shared clip, Ant said: “Nigel’s not just known for his controversial political career. He’s also got his own show on GB News.”

Dec cut in: “Now of course, he won't be presenting that show over the next three weeks, so we’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to all of GB News’ viewers…”

Ant added: “Sorry Keith. Sorry Linda.”

GB News was launched in 2021, and has been beset by low viewership, poor ratings and controversy in the years since.

In its first few months, it was reported that several shows on the channel had dipped to zero viewers at points, according to official audience figures.

Two years on, and its TV audience has grown – but it is still less than one-third that of BBC News, reaching 3.7m people in May, according to the Broadcasters’ Association Research Board.

Ant and Dec’s comments about Farage and the rival channel split opinion on Twitter.

One person wrote: “Almost worth it just to hear them say this.”

However, other viewers were less amused.

One person said: “Nope, giving a far right grifter who’s ruined the country, a platform, isn’t funny at all.”

Meanwhile, several appeared to support Farage and GB News.

One said: “Farage – makes you proud to be British… Come back Nadine [Dorries, a politician who was on the show in 2012]”.

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