Ben Shapiro's right-wing media brand The Daily Wire has made a Bluey knockoff

Ben Shapiro's right-wing media brand The Daily Wire has made a Bluey knockoff

Ben Shapiro's The Daily Wire has made a right-wing Bluey knockoff

YouTube / Bentkey

Ben Shapiro's The Daily Wire is riding the coat-tails of Bluey, the Australian kids' show about a family of Heeler puppies, by creating their own conservative animated series called Chip Chilla.

Streaming on Bentkey - a platform developed by The Daily Wire - Chip Chilla follows a family of chinchillas who, of course, hold conservative values. With all of the children in the show being homeschooled, likely to avoid the woke indoctrination of public schools.

Jeremy Boreing, co-CEO of The Daily Wire, claimed that Disney, which owns the US rights to Bluey, "pushes all the worst excesses of the woke left." Going on to call children's programs inherently left-wing, saying: "kids go to school for 40 hours a week and then they engage in pop culture for 40 more hours every week. That means for 80 Horus of a child's week, you are turning them over to the left."

Viewers have pointed out that both the colour palette and theme tune of Chip Chilla is reminiscent of Bluey's.

Brisbane's Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner called Chip Chilla "a phony U.S. version of our own Bluey... they're barking up the wrong tree."

The conservative spin on the show appears to be subtle. Whilst in Bluey the mother has a job outside of the home, in Chip Chilla, the mother takes on the caring, nurturing, homemaker role.

On social media viewers have been poking fun at The Daily Wire's attempt to prevent children from becoming "woke".

One user wrote that Chip Chilla "will finally answer the question 'What if Bluey sucked?'"

Others called Chip Chilla "garbage":

This isn't the first time conservatives have made kids shows to promote their messaging to children. Earlier this year PragerU's show faced criticism for calling slavery a "compromise".

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