Britain's Got Talent viewers think they’ve spotted the answer to drowning stunt

Britain's Got Talent contestant stuns judges with rendition of 'Writing’s on the ...

Britain's Got Talent contestant Andrew Basso stunned the audience with his escape from a water torture cell but viewers think they've spotted the answer to Basso's incredible trick.

Basso, 36, performed a death-defying trick during his Britain's Got Talent audition: Harry Houdini's water torture cell escape.

A person restrained by their hands and feet is lowered into a water cell upside down and then must escape in under a certain amount of time.

Judges and audience members sat on the edge of their seats, worried for the 36-year-old's life as he spent three minutes and three seconds trying to escape the water cell.

Of course, Basso defied the odds and made it out but people accused Basso of faking his struggle during the act to make it seem more dramatic.

"What you don’t know is that he can hold his breath for 6 minutes," a commenter wrote on YouTube.

"He will pretend its gone wrong. And at the last minute he will escape. Otherwise it would've already have been on the news and they wouldnt show it tonight," a Twitter user said.

“I will escape in 2 minutes.” This escapologist knows he can hold his breath for 5 minutes. There will also be a abort signal he can give or button he can press. It’s all about theatrics :)," Lara said on Twitter.

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FEARLESS Andrew Basso takes on dangerous water tank stunt | Auditions | BGT

At the start of the act, Basso informed judges that he would escape from the water cell in two minutes, "any longer I may not come out alive," the escapologist said.

Basso had no problem getting his handcuffs off and removing his feel from restraints but as he tried to unlock the box with a paperclip, he began to struggle.

The two-minute mark passed, Basso's music stopped playing, and the judges and audience began to worry.

For a second, it seemed the 36-year-old was not going to make it. Right as judges began to express their concern, Basso emerged from the water tank to a standing ovation.

Basso is a well-known escapologist, he has performed Houdini's water torture cell trick many times. In an 2015 interview with The Daily Mail, Basso revealed he can hold his breath for seven minutes - allowing him to take extra time than what he led on.

Some viewers felt Basso's impressive act was not as exciting knowing the escapologist was exaggerating.

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