Ex-GB News host Calvin Robinson has a painting of himself in his toilet

Ex-GB News host Calvin Robinson has a painting of himself in his toilet
Calvin Robinson slates 'doomed' GB news after being 'pushed out'
Dcn Calvin Robinson

If you were concerned that Calvin Robinson being sacked from GB News would mean he’s spending a lot more time on his own, then you needn’t worry, as it seems he rather enjoys his own company – to the extent that he has a painting of himself hanging up in his loo.

He’s also been to Disney World.

Robinson hosted Calvin’s Common Sense Crusade on the right-wing TV channel until the broadcaster suspended him in September when he said he would not appear on Dan Wootton Tonight without Wootton, who had also been suspended.

The suspensions came after Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox made sexist remarks about PoliticsJOE reporter Ava Evans on an episode of Wootton’s show, saying “who would want to shag that?”

Wootton, who was already making headlines in the Byline Times over allegations he used fake online identities to trick men into sending him sexually explicit images (he has denied criminality, but has not commented on whether he used the aliases), did not challenge Fox, but instead laughed along.

Then, following his suspension, Robinson learned his contract had been terminated, sharing a video on Twitter/X in early October in which he expressed his belief that “the project is doomed”.

Two days later, the political commentator gave an interview to The Times, in which the many unusual objects which decorate his north London home were shared with readers.

Reporter James Marriott writes: “I make a fascinated inventory of his coffee table, which is covered with a lace cloth and strewn with artefacts of his careers in the church and the media: his GB News lanyard; a glow-in-the-dark statuette of the Virgin Mary; a letter opener in the shape of a sword; a set of altar bells and – a superlatively fogeyish touch – a small cut-glass bowl filled with Werther’s Originals.”

During their time together, Robinson also presents Marriott with tea in a GB News mug, placed on a coaster “decorated with a picture of his face”.

The journalist goes on to comment: “Later, when I use his bathroom, I discover that Robinson has a painting of himself hanging over his toilet – a revelation that provokes the strange thought that whenever he relieves himself, he does so gazing upon his own face.

“This is hardly a symptom of saintly humility.”


And Twitter/X users have praised the article and expressed joy and bewilderment at the revelations contained within:

Robinson, meanwhile, has expressed pride in the memorabilia, which he says were “hand-crafted presents from supporters”.

He also uploaded a recording of their conversation to YouTube, writing in the video description that Marriott had written a “hit piece” on him and that viewers “can make their own minds up without the spin, bias and twisting of the metropolitan liberal elite journo”.

Marriott, meanwhile, has since commented further on Robinson by agreeing with another X user who said “there’s just nothing between the ears”.

“After meeting him I also felt he was quite a sad figure. I hope he goes to therapy and stops taking his inner turmoil out on the rest of us,” he wrote.

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