Daily Show supercut reveals Tucker Carlson's most terrifying habit

Daily Show supercut reveals Tucker Carlson's most terrifying habit
'06 Tucker Carlson Warns 'Crazy Conspiracy Theories Can Spread' in Resurfaced Video

Tucker Carlson has a lot to giggle about, apparently.

Whether it’s complaining about M&M’s or changing the narrative of the January 6th attack on the Capitol, Carlson makes time between his reporting to laugh about something.

And a supercut of Carlson bursting into laughter proves it.

On Wednesday, The Daily Showtweeted a 15-second supercut that shows the Fox News host laughing while on air

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From the video, people can tell that Carlson, 53, has a very distinct cackle.

“How much time per day do you think he practices that laugh?” Roman asked.

“There's always a real desperation in that laugh of his,” Ken tweeted.

One Twitter user called his laugh “effete.”

Last year, Jimmy Kimmel spoke of Carlson’s crackle saying, “he laughs like the villain in the movie who realises James Bond just put the bomb back on him and he’s about to explode.”

The Daily Show’s tweet about Carlson comes shortly after alleged text messages between the Fox News host and an unknown person were released to the public where Carlson complains about former president Donald Trump.

Despite supporting Trump on-air, the text messages, which were revealed in the lawsuit between Dominion Voting Systems and Fox News, show Carlson’s disdain for Trump.

In one text message, Carlson allegedly wrote, “I hate him passionately,” about Trump.

The Daily Show used the supercut of Carlson’s laugh to meme-ify the recent text message release saying, “Reading these Tucker texts.”

In a statement, Fox News said "Dominion mischaracterizes the facts by cherry-picking soundbites, omitting key context, and mischaracterizing the record.”

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