Woman says in a 'perfect world' she would spend 'all day with ...

An intense relationship between mother and daughter, who like to spend time in bed together naked, has left viewers scratching their heads.

TLC's sMothered returned to screens with Francia, 46, and Paula, 27, who like to do everything together.

Paula candidly told viewers, "In a perfect world, I'd spend all the hours in the day with my mom, naked, and in bed." The shot then shows the butt-naked daughter handing her mother a green smoothie while she lay in bed.

"She's always been the cool mom because she's so much fun," Paula adds, along with a montage of partying and dancing together.

Paula then explained how seeing family members naked was perfectly normal in Colombian culture.

"It is extremely common," she said. "We’re even closer because of that."

Francia mirrored Paula's comments, saying: "Being naked with my daughter because it's so natural for me, I feel that it's just connection. We are just one."

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Francia and Paula do EVERYTHING Together | sMotheredwww.youtube.com

Their closeness goes beyond nudity and pours into bathroom habits, too, after mother Francia said they simultaneously poop together.

Paula apparently tells Francia about her toilet visits, to which her mother enthusiastically exclaims: "Me too! Let's do it together!"

She told the show: "She runs to her bathroom, I run to mine. I'm like, 'okay, let's start' – 'okay, did you finish?'"

After an interesting start to the series, there was only one place for sMothered viewers: Twitter.

One user was left uncomfortable by their interactions, tweeting: "It's like Francia and Paula are in a romantic relationship. This is a little creepy".

Another viewer brutally said: "Francia and Paula are a prime example of do anything to get on tv.. cause wtf is this sh*t."

One Twitter user accused the pair of "crossing too many boundaries," adding: "I will be fast-forwarding a lot."

"Nope…turned it off, removed my recording of the series. I will never watch it again," one concluded.

Some, however, defended Paula and Francia, saying it was their life.

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