Doctor Who upsets conservatives as Isaac Newton played by person of colour

Doctor Who upsets conservatives as Isaac Newton played by person of colour
Doctor Who 60th Anniversary specials trailer

Warning: This article contains mild spoilers for the second Doctor Who anniversary special, “Wild Blue Yonder”.

Doctor Who, the beloved BBC franchise about a time-travelling alien who protects Earth and other planets from extra-terrestrial threats, has left right-wingers forgetting the word ‘fiction’ in science fiction and complaining about its portrayal of Isaac Newton by an actor of Indian heritage.

“Wild Blue Yonder”, the second of the show’s three 60th anniversary specials (which reunite David Tennant and Catherine Tate as the Doctor and Donna Noble respectively), opened with an out-of-control Tardis planting itself in the apple tree which triggers the famous scientist’s discovery of gravity.

Or rather, “mavity”. We’re not going to explain that here for those who haven’t seen the episode – spoilers, as the Doctor’s wife River Song would say.

Of course, this isn’t actually how Newton (played by It’s A Sin actor Nathaniel Curtis) came up with the theory – emphasis again on science fiction – yet conservatives are outraged that a show with a large artistic licence cast someone who isn’t white to play the physicist.

Paul Golding, leader of the far-right party Britain First, fumed: “The BBC has turned Sir Isaac Newton into a Black man. Historical revisionism at its most sinister.”

Political commentator Darren Grimes, meanwhile, wrote: “Doctor Who is now gay and Sir Isaac Newton is suddenly mixed race. Alongside pronouns and trans characters.

“The Doctor Who production team seem to be running the [Defund the BBC] campaign for us!”

And GB News contributor Paul Embery shared a picture of Newton in the show and went on to describe the casting as “patronising nonsense”.

Thankfully, fans of the show were on hand to quickly ridicule complainants:

Writer and showrunner Russell T Davies - who has returned for the specials and future series with incoming Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa – also appeared to reaffirm the Doctor’s fluctuating sexuality, as the time traveller and his companion both agreed that they found Newton “hot”.

The trilogy of anniversary specials concludes next Saturday with “The Giggle”, which sees the return of classic Who villain The Toymaker, played by Neil Patrick Harris.

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