'Oh s***': Fox News interview cuts short by angry wasp

A heated debate between Fox News host Neil Cavuto and White House economic advisor Jared Bernstein came to a halt when an angry wasp nearly stung Bernstein, forcing the interview to end.

On Tuesday, Bernstein joined Cavuto to speak about the Inflation Reduction Act, a piece of legislation President Joe Biden recently signed into law.

Cauvto grilled Bernstein with question about the legislation asking if it will even be effective or which economic group of people will benefit the most.

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The two men spoke over each other as they went back-and-forth, it was clear Bernstein was getting frustrated with Cavuto's doubts.

But the heated debate quickly stopped when a wasp began flying around Bernstein toward the end of the interview.

"I am watching a wasp that's flying right around me right now," Bernstein said while dodging the insect.

Cavuto replied with a joke, "must be CNN".

As the White House economic advisor's eyes darted around looking for the wasp as he tried to speak about the future of inflation but nearly yelled "oh s***" as the wasp flew toward him.

Cavuto quickly interjected, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm going to let you go - last thing I want to do is see you get stung. As long as the American people aren't getting stung by inflation."

The two men chuckled before Bernstein joked, "That's nice to hear, I wasn't sure where you stood on the should Jared get stung."

Bernstein continued to dodge his head around the wasp as the two men concluded the interview.

Online people joked about the encounter.

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