GBBO fan favourite Jürgen Krauss sent home and viewers are devastated – 17 top reactions

GBBO fan favourite Jürgen Krauss sent home and viewers are devastated – 17 top reactions

Last night made tough viewing for Great British Bake Off fans, and no, we’re not okay.

Viewers were left reeling after fan favourite Jürgen Krauss left the competition during the semi-final.

The softly spoken German IT consultant captured hearts over the last few weeks, with his sweetness earning him comparisons to Winnie the Pooh. Another endearing moment fans enjoyed was when he serenaded judge Paul Hollywood as he sampled one of his desserts.

Kruass - nicknamed the Jürgenator - remained humble despite securing the Star Baker accolade three times throughout the competition.

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However, it all came crashing down last night when Krauss was the only contestant that didn’t receive a handshake from Hollywood during a pâtisserie week challenge.

In a tear-jerking letter before his exit, Krauss wrote: “Who wants to fly to the moon if you can be on Bake Off? It was such a fantastic ride.

“Preparing all the recipes gave me confidence to experiment with flavours in sweet baking, to an extent I’ve never done before.”

“A huge thank you to all of you for all the kindness and warmth in your response and support. Lots of love, Jürgen.”

Jürgen’s exit from the competition so close to the end was a hard blow to fans, with many taking to Twitter to share their reaction:

But how did the man himself react?

He said: “I feel kind of okay. I kind of saw it coming. I think the others are more shocked than I am. I really enjoyed being here. I made friends for life and I will be with them in spirit.”

He also posted a tweet praising hosts Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding, calling them “two of the kindest human beings I know”.

GBBO also shared their favourite moments from Jürgen’s time in the iconic tent:

Next week’s final will see Crystelle Pereira, Chigs Parmar and Giuseppe Dell’Anno battling it out to be crowned this year’s winner.

Jürgen will always be our winner, though.

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