Homer Simpson does not strangle Bart anymore as show notes how 'times have changed'

Homer Simpson does not strangle Bart anymore as show notes how 'times have changed'

Homer Simpson will not strangle Bart anymore as show says 'times have changed'

The Simpsons, Fox

One of the longest-running jokes on The Simpsons, is Homer strangling his son, Bart, whenever he does something wrong. But it seems Bart may have suffered his last punishment in a recent episode.

After years of strangling, The Simpsons has acknowledged times have changed - and what can you expect from a show that first aired in 1989?

In the latest episode of season 35, titled 'McMansion & Wife', Homer addressed his prior parenting techniques directly.

As Homer and Marge pay a bit to their neighbour Thayer, Homer introduces himself with a handshake.

Thayer remarks at the strength of Homer's grip, prompting the beloved television character to respond: "See, Marge, strangling the boy paid off."

Before adding: "Just kidding, I don't do that anymore. Times have changed."

Homer last strangled Bart in season 31, and it seems viewers are glad Homer has left his old ways in the past.

But before then, as poor Bart knows, it was a regular occurrence.

According to Simpsons Wiki - a fan-run Wikipedia on the show - Bart has been strangled over 100 times.

It seemed fans welcomed the joke being laid to rest as The Simpsons has caught up with the rest of the world.

"Took them long enough", wrote one viewer.

"I knew my man Homer was gonna learn. He's a smart fella."

A third chimed in calling it "a very good call."

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