Trump supporters were made to watch Jan 6 hearing footage and their excuses defy belief

Trump supporters were made to watch Jan 6 hearing footage and their excuses defy belief
Jordan Klepper makes Trump supporters watch clips of the January 6 hearings

A segment on The Daily Show has proven that despite the January 6 hearings going on, Trump supporters still believe and trust the former president.

Comedian Jordan Klepper went to a Trump rally in Mississippi to interview supporters and see how they're reacting to the January 6 hearings.

The House Select Committee has conducted five public hearings revealing their findings from a year-long investigation into the January 6th attack on the Capitol. So far, the evidence presented indicates Trump and his allies knew the election was not stolen yet continued to spread a false narrative to remain in power. Even going as far to try to pressure the Department of Justice, former vice president Mike Pence and state legislators to illegally overturn the election.

Each time Klepper approached a person decked out in MAGA merch, they brushed him off and criticized the hearings while regurgitating conspiracy theories about the 2020 election.

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"I believe him [Trump] and military are running the country and that idiot that's up there is a puppet and Obama is in the basement telling him what to do," one Trump supporter told Klepper.

When asked if they had been following the January 6th hearings almost all the supporters said they did not. Some had no idea what the hearings were while others said they were too busy to watch them.

Some of the rally attendees said they believed the election was stolen from Trump, even after Klepper showed footage from the hearings where the attorney general and others knew the election was not stolen.

At one point in the segment, Klepper showed multiple people a video of Ivanka testifying she accepted the election was not stolen per former Attorney General Bill Barr.

"That don't even look like her," one man said. "It might be a clone."

"I don't know that's not edited in any way," another man said.

On Twitter viewers of the segment expressed their disbelief for some of the theories and ideas people shared.

"The ability of these people to invent new conspiracy theories—like an Ivanka “clone”—on the spot instead of accepting reality is unparalleled," Brad wrote.

"I think even if trump went on Fox News and said he made it all up the election wasn’t stolen, that his supporters still would believe it was and trump was forced to say that. It’s mind boggling," a Twitter user wrote.

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