Did a Republican just describe Elon Musk's balls on TV?

House GOP Weighs Congressional Investigation of Elon Musk's 'Twitter Files'

GOP Senator John N Kennedy (R-LA) highly praised Twitter owner Elon Musk with a strange compliment, seemingly about Musk's balls.

On Wednesday night, Kennedy, 71, told Sean Hannity that he appreciated Musk "taking a very courageous stand for the first amendment" by acquiring Twitter and limiting content moderation on Fox News' Hannity.

The Senator's comments were made as he criticised Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and mainstream media organizations for only providing "one point of view" to Americans.

Ocasio-Cortez is part of a new climate documentary called To The End.

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Kennedy said that mainstream media will only portray groups of people in one specific way, unlike Musk.

"That's why I appreciate what Elon Musk has done so much," Kennedy said.

"[Left-wingers] are beaten on him like he's stole Christmas. But he's tough, he's tough as a pine knot. The man's got guts. He's got oranges the size of beach balls."

Kennedy did not clarify what he meant by Musk's "oranges" but many assumed it was a euphemism for Musk's balls.



When a person alludes to "big balls" it typically means someone is being bold or courageous.

Some Twitter users felt Kennedy's language was unprofessional and strange.


Others accused Kennedy of playing into southern stereotypes and characteristics to appeal to constituents.




Kennedy continued to praise Musk in the interview.

"Thanks to Elon Musk, we're gonna have to get some new conspiracy theories because the old ones turned out all to be true," Kennedy added alluding to the Twitter Files.


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