Writer rejects offer to go on Laurence Fox's GB News show in the most iconic way

Writer rejects offer to go on Laurence Fox's GB News show in the most iconic way
GB News journalist rips into Laurence Fox over anti-vaxx views

A writer has rejected an offer to go on Laurence Fox'sGB News show in an iconic way.

Matthew Sweet got into a social media tiff with the controversial media personality when he made a point about free speech.

He said: "Lot of these free speech activists go strangely silent when challenged on facts, don’t they? I suspect many need their safe spaces where nobody is vulgar enough to ask them to justify what they say."

While he hadn't mentioned Fox in his tweet, it appeared to annoy the actor as he quote-tweeted it and invited Sweet to debate the issue on his show.

"Would you like to come on my show on Friday for an interview?" he asked. "It would be interesting to listen to your thoughts in longer form conversation."

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Sweet left him with no doubt that he wouldn't be coming onto the show writing: "Hi Laurence. Thanks for the offer. I think the editorial standards at GB News are so low that appearing on it is a threat to a person's reputation. No serious person should go near it. It's like being asked to debate on the pages of the Sunday Sport or Razzle."

Fox didn't reply but the tweet went viral with many people praising Sweet for his less than sweet words.

What a bruising interaction for everyone involved.

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