Martin Lewis breaks down in tears on live TV while talking about ...

Martin Lewis was forced to turn away from the camera on live TV after tearing up while presenting Good Morning Britain.

The financial journalist and presenter was hosting the show alongside Susanna Reid when discussing the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Lewis was speaking about the royal family when he began to talk about his own experience of losing his mother at the age of 12.

The pair were talking about Prince William and Prince Harry attending the funeral of Princess Diana in 1997 and walking behind their mother.

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Discussing his own experiences, Lewis said: "I wasn't going to say this on air but it resonates with me very powerfully for someone who lost his mother at the same age as Harry in a road traffic accident.

"I find it very difficult to watch. Thank goodness I wasn't made to walk behind. I didn't even go.”

Lewis spoke candidly on Wednesday's programmeITV

The presenter then broke off and became emotional, before asking Reid to present on her own in order for him to compose himself.

"When events like this happen they are very triggering of private grief. We totally understand," Susanna went on to say.

Reid then presented the show briefly on her own after an ad break, before she was rejoined by Lewis shortly afterwards.

Lewis was sent messages of support from social media users after the moment took place on Wednesday morning.

One wrote: "My heart went out to you today, like yourself I lost a parent at an early age. (10). I was made to go to the funeral and had nightmares for a long time after and it turned me away from god who I blamed for my dad's passing for years. Mum would be very proud of you."

Another added: "I didn’t know that about your late mum, one thing is for sure she would be so proud of you."

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