11 of Matt Hancock's most embarrassing and shocking moments on I'm A Celebrity so far

11 of Matt Hancock's most embarrassing and shocking moments on I'm A Celebrity so far
Matt Hancock eats camel’s penis and sheep’s vagina on I'm a Celeb

When it was revealed Matt Hancock would be joining I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! people were not pleased.

Why, people wondered, was it deemed appropriate for a sitting MP to abandon his Suffolk constituents to chase clout in the Australian jungle instead?

And why, people asked, was it deemed appropriate for the disgraced former health secretary who was forced to resign after he broke his own Covid guidance in the most graphic way possible, to get a chance for redemption?

But despite the public grumbling, Hancock did indeed go to the jungle where he embarrassed himself by falling over, saying the wrong thing and with Westminster appearing to lack the sufficient measures to keep people in check, the public held him to account instead like medieval people chucking fruit at shamed people in stocks - by voting for him to participate in just about every bushtucker trial going.

We've watched his highs and lows, and lows, and lows, so you don't have to:

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1. When his entrance video left us all cringing

Hancock was one of two late arrivals into camp along with comedian Seann Walsh. Teasing his arrival, viewers were treated with a video clip in which Hancock promised that “people will see me warts and all."

"See the human side of the guy behind the podium," he said.

He added: “I don’t think I’ve got any fears or phobias, but I’m about to find out.”

It was pretty cringe and set us all up for things to come.

2. When he sang an Ed Sheeran song

Like singing Perfect, an Ed Sheeran song.

He told Walsh he "loves" the singer before singing a few lines from the song, unprompted.

Cringe, cringe, cringe.

3. And fell over

That was a bad start to camp life but not as bad as when he tried to simply enter the jungle itself and stumbled and appeared to fall while crossing a bridge.

4. And his campmates gave him a frosty reception

When he met the rest of the camp, people were not thrilled.

“He sticks out like a sore thumb," Coronation Street actress Sue Cleaver joked, while Loose Women panelist Charlene White said she could "only imagine the reaction back home".

"I can imagine that this hasn't gone down well," she added.

5. When he got reprimanded for "grabbing booty"

White was right so thank goodness we had celebrities to tell him off. Babatúndé Aléshé confronted Hancock about his affair with Gina Colangelo.

"You didn’t just ‘fall in love’ you were grabbing booty bruv!" the Gogglebox star quipped, to which Hancock quickly responded: "Oh give over".

6. When the campmates told him off for breaking his own Covid rules

And the scrutiny didn't stop there. Presenter Scarlette Douglas asked Hancock about the infamous moment he was caught.

"It was hard. A lot of people had difficult times," she said. "And then to see that people that had kind of set the rules had then broken them, I think was a big slap in the face for everyone

"We are not going to ever exclude anyone. We want to make sure that everyone's a family, but if it does feel tough for the first few days, I'm sure you understand why."

Douglas added: "There's a lot of things that happened with you during the times, which does make it difficult because people are angry and upset - emotions are running high. former health secretary admitted: “A lot of people had difficult times and then to see people who set the rules broke them, it was a slap in the face.

Hancock said: “I know how people felt and that’s why I resigned. Because I know how people felt. So, good on you for saying that.”

7. When he ate a penis, a vagina and a bum in one sitting

One of the many trials Hancock did during the show was a gross eating challenge in which he was forced to chow down on a sheep's vagina, a camel's penis and a cow's anus, so a real Noah's Ark of treats.

He described the camel penis as "horrible" and said it was "soft and crunchy at the same time."

He also ate a fish eye taco and downed a glass of blended worms. Yum...

8. When he didn't know the words to 'Sweet Caroline'

In a less disgusting scene, the celebs won some luxury items and former Lioness Jill Scott's item was the chance to hear the football song 'Sweet Caroline'..

Despite it being one of the most-played songs in English sports culture, the former health secretary appeared to mumble his way through the lyrics when the campmates got up for a singalong.

9. When he cried and asked for "forgiveness"

Despite him eating penis for his sins and trying to act normal by singing songs, celebrities were not yet ready to "see the human side of the guy behind the podium" and continued scrutinising him for his lockdown misdemeanors.

When Hancock said he didn't break rules, White said "Matt, you were socialising with someone outside of your household," but Hancock insisted: "I didn't break any laws, it was guidance. But the problem was it was my guidance. It was a mistake because I fell in love with somebody. That's why I apologised for it."

White responded: "It's massively bigger than that. My aunt died from Covid in the first wave. We couldn't go to the hospital to visit her. I had to sit by myself in the church at her funeral. We couldn't hug each other because we were following guidance.

"I get that you fell in love but sorry, for a lot of families like mine, doesn't really cut it."

He said: "There's reasons for all the decisions that were taken, ultimately those problems were caused by the virus not the people who were trying to solve the problems."

Hancock put his arms around White and admitted: "Do you know what it is actually, what I'm really looking for is a bit of forgiveness."

Fellow campmate Scarlette Douglas then admitted she "nearly cried" as the former health secretary said: "so did I."

Chris Moyles wasn't so sure, adding privately: "Honestly the way I feel now is he's pulled the mask slightly off his chin a little bit, but I still think he's not telling us the full truth."

10. When a scorpion held him to account

A scorpion spoke for the nation during one episode when it stung an upset Hancock who said it was like two bee stings. An unsympathetic Boy George went to the Bush Telegraph to laugh at the politician's misfortune.

11. And he struggled to sit on a chair

In the same episode, he won a game against Mike Tindall and became the camp leader, which looks like the most power he will every get now his political career has flopped.

As leader, he got a comfy chair which he flopped into leading it to collapse - a perfect metaphor for his time in Westminster.

The show continues every night at 9pm on ITV and you know what that means? More servings of cringe Hancock for us all.

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