MTV's 'Help! I'm in a Secret Relationship!' accused of being staged after 'ridiculous' admission

MTV's 'Help! I'm in a Secret Relationship!' accused of being staged after 'ridiculous' admission
Frankie Learns the Truth About His GF After 2 Years 😱 Help! I'm In A Secret Relationship

Fans of the MTV show "Help! I'm in a Secret Relationship!" are convinced the programme is staged after a bizarre admission that left viewers baffled.

Whether it be the guy who was escorted off the set of Naked Attraction for becoming too excited, or the father and son who dated the same woman on a reality show, it’s safe to say that we love watching TV shows about sex and relationships.

Help! I'm in a Secret Relationship! from MTV is a show that helps people get to the bottom of why their partner is keeping them and their relationship a secret.

In one recent episode that has now gone viral, a woman named Erin opened up about why she’d been keeping her relationship with boyfriend Frankie a secret for two years and people have branded it “ridiculous”.

Erin confessed that she is not a vegetarian and has been secretly eating meat throughout their two years together. She had lied at the start of their relationship because of Frankie’s vegetarianism and kept it going until it snowballed.

She revealed she had been terrified by the thought of introducing Frankie to her family and friends in case they blew her cover.

“I just felt that if he knew that I was a meat-eater too he would think that I was contributing to destroying the earth,” Erin explained. “I felt silly that I started out with what is such a small lie and let it go for two years. I felt embarrassed. I felt ashamed more than anything.”

Frankie told her: “You don’t have to believe what I believe. I’m sorry that you felt that you did.”

He added it concerned him that Erin was able to lie about something so small for so long, leaving him worried about what she could lie about in the future.

People were left baffled by the whole thing and speculated that it was staged.

“This gotta be fake LOL what!?” one person commented.

Someone else said: “This show is so ridiculously fake it’s insulting honestly.”

Another wrote: “She’s hiding him from family and friends over him choosing to not eat MEAT???? WTF??? Nah, there’s gotta be more to it than just choice of food. She’s pathetic. He deserves way better.”

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