Remembering the time Nigel Farage was told he 'hates foreigners' by child on RT

Remembering the time Nigel Farage was told he 'hates foreigners' by child on RT
Six-year-old girl confronts Farage on live TV : 'My mummy says you ...

Russia Today is in the news as journalists leave the channel in response to Putin's invasion of Ukraine and politicians around the world consider whether it should be allowed to broadcast in their countries.

Given it is a Russian controlled media outlet, there's good reason to ban it from spreading Russian propaganda, but Liz Truss has warned Russia could retaliate by banning the BBC - so there's plenty to think about.

Possibly the only notable thing that RT has ever contributed to the media landscape was when it provided the stage for Nigel Farage to get slagged off by a six-year-old child.

In 2017, Brexit's biggest fanboy was knighted by the child, who was dressed up as a monarch, for some reason.

Russia Today presenter Sam Delaney said: “Bring in Her Majesty, it’s time to knight Nigel Farage”, before telling Farage to “kneel there”.

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“You are now Sir Nigel Farage”, he added as Farage knelt. “We’re also making you honorary British ambassador to America and honorary MP for South Thanet because they didn’t elect you for real. So arise Sir Nigel.”

But it all went pear-shaped when the girl decided her role was not a non-speaking one and announced: “My mummy says you hate foreigners".

Television. Gold.

Farage said: “Did she? I don’t think that’s quite right. The Queen has to be non-political."

Meanwhile, Delaney said: “No no, little girl, no no no. You’re not supposed to say that. That’s very naughty.”

Like we say... television gold.

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