All the journalists who have quit Russia Today following Putin's invasion of Ukraine

All the journalists who have quit Russia Today following Putin's invasion of Ukraine
Boris Johnson says Ofcom will review Russia Today licence

Bullets and missiles are not the only weapons in war.

Information and misinformation warp people's view of what is taking place on the ground and the motivating factors of each side, assaulting the truth needed for democracy to survive.

It is this that has revved up grumblings about Russian state broadcaster RT - previously known as Russia Today - to a crescendo, with numerous politicians and public figures expressing concerns about its ability to broadcast Kremlin propaganda in the UK.

It has been banned in the EU, blocked by YouTube across the European continent, and the UK's independent media regulator Ofcom yesterday announced 15 separate investigations into the impartiality of the channel after culture secretary Nadine Dorries asked them to look into it last week.

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But Liz Truss warned against banning it, saying it could lead to the BBC being banned in Russia in retaliation.

While we wait for politicians and regulators, numerous journalists are resigning from their roles at the channel.

Here are the people who have left the channel thus far.

Jonny Tickle

RT no longer tickled Tickle's fancy and he resigned from his role at the channel last Thursday.

Shadia Edwards-Dashti

Edwards-Dashti worked for Russia Today for over six years but handed in her notice on 24th February.


Danny Armstrong

The Moscow-based British journalist also announced he was leaving the channel.

Ross Field

After working as a producer for the channel for four years, Field announced he was resigning for "moral reasons" via LinkedIn.

Alex Reed

Reed worked for the channel for three years in various roles, most recently in social media, but has also recently resigned.

Emily Kellie

Kellie resigned as a studio floor manager after six years at RT.

Paul Melvin

Melvin was a video editor at RT.

Anissa Naouai

The American journalist explained her decision to leave her role on Twitter. She said: "Condemning Putin’s choices and actions alone is not enough. Russia has officially done what it’s preached for decades against and has claimed to be the victim of. What Russia has done is wrong.

"Two evil military empires are playing chess and getting off on their ballistic d*ck measuring contest. The hypocrisy is too stark. I am done being a pawn for imperialism of any kind."

Alex Salmond

Remember him? Scotland's former first minister has suspended his chat show RT indefinitely after he was heavily criticised by the likes of Nicola Sturgeon and Michael Gove in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine.

He said the show would not air “until further notice” and when peace in Europe was re-established but insisted that he had “attempted to give a range of serious people of contrasting opinions a fair chance to state their views” by hosting the show.

“I should make it clear that not once in all of that time has there been a single piece of editorial interference of any kind from RT. They have kept entirely to their commitments on this in line with the Ofcom code,” he added.

Frédéric Taddeï

Press Gazette reports the French journalist quit the show he had hosted since 2018 shortly before Russia invaded Ukraine out of "loyalty to France".

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