Question Time audience member eloquently explains what Tory migrant policy is actually about

Question Time audience member eloquently explains what Tory migrant policy is actually about
Suella Braverman challenged over 'inflammatory' claim 100 million migrants could come to …

An audience member who spoke eloquently on the government's controversial new immigration proposals on Thursday’s show (March 10) has come in for praise on social media.

The unnamed man in the crowd was speaking on the newly announced plans which would see asylum seekers arriving in the UK via small boats being detained and deported.

It would introduce a yet to be decided annual cap on the number of refugees the UK will offer sanctuary to, with Suella Braverman herself admitting it was “more than 50 per cent” likely to break human rights laws.

After Tory MP Robert Jenrick defended the plan and called it “legal, fair and moral”, the audience member described it as “illegal, impractical and inhumane”.

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The man in the audience began his monologue by saying: “It’s actually not about whether it’s going to work or not, because as stupid as Suella Braverman does sound when she uses words like ‘blob’ or ‘wokerati’ or whatever nonsense she wants to spout, that’s not what they’re trying to do.

“This isn’t even about the actual scheme itself. They’re forecasting to the next election. They can’t run on their governing record, there’s sewage in the rivers, inflation is through the roof, living standards are beyond the floor.”

He added: “They can’t run on individuals or personalities. They have ex-chancellors who don’t pay tax. They have another ex-chancellor who knew the currency was going to run, so he told his former employers to bet against it.

“So what do they have left? What they have left is division and this is all this policy is about. They are trying to sow division by casting it as us, the people in Britain, against people who want to come here. And it’s really sad.”

He went on to say: “I have faith that people are not are not going to buy it ... this also just fundamentally betrays that the conservatives don’t think the way that we do because we think compassionately.”

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