Richard Madeley is back on GMB – and inevitably Alan Partridge is trending

<p>People are convinced that Richard Madeley was the inspiration for Steve Coogan’s most famous character</p>

People are convinced that Richard Madeley was the inspiration for Steve Coogan’s most famous character


It has now been almost three months since Piers Morgan’s explosive exit from Good Morning Britain (GMB), and the gaping hole he has left in the show remains to be filled.

Rumours have swirled over who could replace the broadcasting behemoth, with the likes of Ben Shephard, Adil Ray and Kay Burley all among the potential candidates.

Presenting legend Richard Madeley, 64, has been tipped as a frontrunner, having admitted he’d be “bonkers” to turn down the role if ITV were to give him a call.

The formerThis Morning host returned to the spot on Thursday – having stood in for Morgan on GMB a number of times already – to the delight of fans.

But poor Madeley can’t seem to escape the constant comparisons drawn between him and Alan Partridge.

Steve Coogan’s alter-ego is known for making bizarre analogies and executing stomach-churning gaffes.

So why are people likening the Richard and Judy icon to the UK’s favourite fictional radio host? Here’s just some of the evidence they’ve compiled:

And here’s how they responded to his latest appearance on the breakfast show.

The drawing of parallels between the two stalwarts of British TV is nothing new.

In 2014, an entire social media account was created with the sole purpose of asking followers: “Who said the quote – Richard Madeley or Alan Partridge?”

Madeley himself has addressed the mockery, telling The Sun back in 2019: “If people want to take the p***, that’s fine. It’s a harmless joke.

“I can take it. I don’t take myself even remotely seriously. I know some people do, and they get offended by being teased — but it’s only teasing.”

He echoed such sentiments in an interview with Metro earlier this week when asked if he could handle the online abuse dished out to the likes of Morgan.

“I personally couldn’t give a f***,” he said candidly. “Far too many younger presenters have been affected by Twitter and cowed by it.”

He clearly seems braced for the challenge.

Reports have suggested that the 64-year-old could begin a GMB trial run alongside co-host Susanna Reid this month.

A source told The Sun that his journalistic experience and no-nonsense approach would make him a great fit for Morgan’s shoes.

They told the paper: “Piers is nigh-on impossible to replace and GMB execs accept this, but Richard has his own inimitable style.

“Like Piers, he’s a trained journalist who knows how to press guests and get a decent line from interviewees.

“He shoots from the hip, says what he thinks, and is a genuinely brilliant, likeable chap off air — so it’s very much a ‘watch this space’.”

Oh we will, don’t worry. We will.

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