People are realising Squid Game is just like the CBBC show Raven

People are realising Squid Game is just like the CBBC show Raven

Squid Game has had people on the edge of their seats all over the world.

Each episode of the South Korean dystopian drama reveals another brutal round of a childhood games, which sees the losing contestants “eliminated” (killed off) in order to win an unprecedented amount of money that will change their lives forever.

While Squid Game is based on childhood games, the Netflix series has prompted serious flashbacks for some of us Brits as the challenges are reminiscent of a childhood TV series from a few years back – except without the killings, of course (that we know of).

If your childhood took place between the years 2002-2018, then you’ve no doubt heard of the children’s adventure gameshow Raven that aired on CBBC.

Every afternoon after school, kids would settle down to watch as a group of six warriors take part in a series of challenges – including Deep Loch, Leap of Faith, Demon Causeway and Riddle Bridge – guided by their host Raven.

Each time a warrior lost a challenge, they would forfeit the rings they won and lose one of their lives. The warrior with the fewest number of lives and rings would have to face the Way of the Warrior.

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For those who were unable to complete the challenge, they would meet a similarly grim fate as those who lost in the Squid Game – the warrior(s) would simply eerily disappear from our screens.

The similarities between the two shows were highlighted on Twitter, in response to Brits questioning what our own version of Squid Game would be.

Along with an image of Raven, Twitter user Tom wrote: “‘Imagine if Squid Game was set in the UK.’ Mate, we HAD Squid Game in the UK. Have any of those kids ever been seen again??”

It seems people agreed with Tom’s tweet as it has been liked nearly 24,000 times and has received plenty of comments in response.

Fans of the CBBC show shared how the show traumatised them because they thought the warriors who failed the challenge and disappeared from our screens had died.

While others who auditioned to take part in the series joked how they were glad they didn’t get chosen.

Though it seems that the fallen warriors do somehow get out alive, as one person who claims to have participated in the first series replied to the tweet saying they’re “still alive and kicking.”

But not everyone was buying it...

Although many agreed that Raven was a good comparison with Squid Game, others felt that there was another CBBC show that was even more similar to the Netflix hit.

Trapped! was a children’s Halloween-themed adventure game show which ran from 2007-2010. It was set in a gothic fairytale tower where a group of six children who are imprisoned at the top of the tower have to find their way to the bottom through a series of challenges and escape.

Meanwhile,Squid Games is on course to be Netflix’s biggest hit after the show went to number one in more than 90 countries, as people are gripped with the action while it has also taken the internet by storm with its viral memes and challenges.

Due to the popularity of the challenged-based series, perhaps we could see a reboot of Raven?

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