Susanna Reid disgusted by Ben Shephard’s bizarre favourite milkshake flavour

Susanna Reid disgusted by Ben Shephard’s bizarre favourite milkshake flavour

Milkshake and ice-cream flavours are perhaps one of the most divisive preferences people can have. Purists keep it simple with vanilla, whereas the more adventurous amongst us might opt for more outlandish flavours such as, er, macaroni and cheese, apparently.

The Good Morning Britain panel is no exception to this rule, with host Susanna Reid branding co-host Ben Shephard’s milkshake preference “revolting” after he raved about trying a peanut butter and bacon milkshake.

“It was absolutely sensational,” he said. “I promise you I am totally converted. This is something I think we should all have.”

The conversation opened when Shephard talked about flavour combinations with his 16-year-old son.

When his son suggested they try adding bacon bits to a milkshake, Shephard was apprehensive at first.

After praising the drink, Shephard went on to proclaim his love for all things bacon-related, saying his friends who can’t eat it for dietary and religious reasons often say they wish they could have bacon because the smell is “delicious”.

Viewers were divided on Shephard’s preference, and took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Some agreed with him and suggested he try their own unique flavour combinations, including putting peanut butter in a bacon and ketchup sandwich:

Others were firmly on Reid’s side, with one viewer saying he only enjoys his bacon on a plate as part of a fry up:

Although it may seem disgusting to some, it’s certainly not the grossest sweet treat we’ve heard about recently.

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