The Crown viewers can't believe that John Major is 'Sick Boy' from Trainspotting

The Crown viewers can't believe that John Major is 'Sick Boy' from Trainspotting
The Crown Season 5 trailer

Season five of Netflix drama The Crown has been released today (November 9) and viewers "can't compute" one particular casting choice in the show.

The ten episodes cover the turbulent events that occurred in the royal family during the 1990s and the show always follows The Queen's relationship with the country's leader - in this season, John Major was prime minister at this time (1990-1997).

British actor Jonny Lee Miller stars as Major and made his debut appearance in the first episode of the season called "Queen Victoria Syndrome."

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Though viewers have since taken to social media to express how they can't believe the actor who previously played the bleach-blonde Scot "Sick Boy" in Danny Boyle's Trainspotting(1996) - an adaptation of Irvine Welsh's 1993 novel - is now playing the formal and serious PM.

Miller also reprised his role in the sequel T2: Trainspotting (2017).

When Lee Miller was portraying Sick Boy in 1996, John Major would've been prime minister - so that fact the actor is now (26 years later) portraying Major has people's mind's blown.

Meanwhile, some have declared that Lee Miller is "too hot" to portray John Major after watching his performance in the latest series.

Lee Miller spoke to the press ahead of the show's release about taking on the role of John Major and revealed his views did change about the former PM.

"‘I grew up in a very socialist household, a very left-wing household. I’m pretty leftie, and as a youngster at the time, we thought we knew who John Major was and what it was about," the actor said.

"‘He got a lot of flak back in the day,’ he added, ‘[but] the more I learned about him the more I began to like him, and we had a lot of similarities.

"We’re from the same part of the world – he’s from Worcester Park, I’m from Kingston. We both went to state grammar schools, we had theatrical parents. So I had all these things in common, and then the more you learn about the work that he did – my respect for him grew massively."

The Crown season five is now available to watch on Netflix.

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