People can’t believe Jonny Lee Miller has been cast as John Major in next season of The Crown

<p>(Left) Jonny Lee Miller will play former prime minister John Major (Right)</p>

(Left) Jonny Lee Miller will play former prime minister John Major (Right)

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Trainspotting and Elementary actor Jonny Lee Miller has been cast to play former prime minister John Major in the next season of The Crown.

In its fifth season, the popular Netflix royal drama will cover the events under Major’s seven years in office from 1990 to 1997.

Creator Peter Morgan typically plots his seasons around prime ministers, as he did in the previous season with Margaret Thatcher’s eleven years in power.

But many people have shared their surprise and confusion at the casting, and are struggling to see a resemblance between the two.

Some have even edited images of Miller to see what he could look like on our TV screens as Major.

While others remain skeptical about the choice, many pointed out that fans were similarly dubious about Gillian Anderson playing Thatcher in the previous season.

But she received wide critical praise in her role and scooped a Golden Globe for her performance.

Elsewhere, others can’t quite believe Sick Boy from Trainspotting (a film that was released in 1996 - near the end of Major’s time in office) is going to play a prime minister.

In the 1980s, Major was linked to Conservative politician Edwina Curry and, in reaction to the casting news, many have joked about who might play her.

Meanwhile, some aren’t quite prepared to see their teenage crush play the role of Major.

Miller is 48, a year older than Major (47) was when he was elected into office in November 1990.

Season 5 will include Princess Diana’s bombshell BBC Panorama interview, which has made headlines again recently over the tactics Martin Bashir used to get the interview, Deadline reported.

Shooting is expected to begin next month with a completely new cast.

Imelda Staunton plays Queen Elizabeth, Lesley Manville is Princess Margaret, Jonathan Pryce will play Prince Philip, and Elizabeth Debicki features as Princess Diana.

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