The 10 best TikToks from Love Island's 'Farmer Will'

Maya Jama kept her 'Love Island' news a secret from her family

On Monday, Love Island's winter edition returned to screens with Maya Jama fronting as the brand-new host.

A new group of singletons entered the South African villa, with one of the biggest names being Will Young. No, not the early 2000s Pop Idol winner. Instead, a viral TikTok star which most users will know as Farmer Will (@farmerwill_).

Upon entering the villa, the 23-year-old from Buckinghamshire described himself as a "cheeky chappy" with "good vibes."

"I bring real good, loving energy," he added.

When asked why he was single, he said: "Honestly? Probably commitment issues. I self-sabotage myself sometimes when I've got a good thing going. I do like my own space and my own time; I haven’t got to stress about anything and just worry about myself."

On whether he falls in love quickly, the new Islander explained: "Yes and no. With the right girl, I would fall in love quickly. But I make up my mind super quick. I only need one or two dates, and I know whether I want to keep seeing someone. With girls I like, I wear my heart on my sleeve."

Before the ITV hit show, Will had already made a name for himself on the popular video app, racking up over 1.2 million followers and a staggering 33.1 million views in the process.

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In his viral TikToks, Will shows his day-to-day life on the farm at his family estate worth over £1 million.

Here are some of our favourite wholesome clips from the internet-famous farmer:


My favs are also my piggies #willandlambs #ukfarming


Food top up #willandlambs #ukfarming


Can you believe the mess these lambs make #willandlambs #ukfarming


Catch us in the music video #willandlambs #ukfarming


Lambpack? IG: farmer_will_ #willandlambs #ukfarming #adoptmyflock


Marry had a dirty lamb #willandlambs #ukfarming #goals


The sheep is in no pain, and is improving everyday with my help #willandlambs #ukfarming #goals


Who are the back up dancers, us or the lambs? #TechTokTips #viral #fyp #ukfarming #goals


Shambles #destinationdepop #viral #fyp #ukfarming #goals


Answer to @uhhndrea

Will can also be found on Instagram at @farmer_will_. However, he and the Love Island contestants won't be posting anytime soon since they've been asked to abandon their pages during their time in the villa.

Love Island returns tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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