Gambit's crop top in X-Men 97 is triggering people for the wrong reasons

Gambit wearing a burgundy crop top that says 'rock'

Gambit's crop top in X-Men 97 is triggering people for the wrong reasons


X-Men '97 dropped its first two episodes on Disney + earlier this week to continue on the adventures of the X-Men from the legendary 90's animated series.

The show has been greeted with good reviews - Empire called it a 'blast from the past' while Variety named it 'a worthy sequel' - but some 'fans' have found a way to make their watching experience excruciatingly annoying for themselves by nitpicking things to bring up bizarre 'culture wars' topics.

For instance, some are unhappy with the fashion choices of the notoriously rebellious, outgoing, flamboyant, flirt Gambit.

In the intro episode to the follow-up series, 'To me, my X-Men', a kitchen scene re-introduces audiences to a bunch of the X-Men roster, including Gambit, Rogue, Jean Grey, and Morph with the former cooking up a batch of beignets for his teammates.

Fairly innocuous, right? Wrong! It's this scene that is riling people due to Gambit exposing his mid-riff by way of a crop top.

Of course, this costume choice led to some online critics struggling with big ideas in their heads, working and pushing their grey matter to come up with a big and important way to express their outrage and anger at Gambit's crop top. It's telling that the biggest 'criticism' of Gambit's crop top is a three letter word.


Of course, a lot of this outrage at the always omnipotent and omnipresent 'woke' - an ongoing argument first brought up by right-wing trolls when the show was announced - was cut down by very simple arguments, namely that X-Men '97 is a continuation of a very camp series, that has always owned some very camp characters and promoted the idea of inclusivity and diversity in a bigoted world.

One rebuttal of this frothing-mouth criticism says that Gambit was dressed like 'bisexual lightning' anyway in the original series:

And thankfully, many viewers enjoyed Gambit's look - including Gambit's voice actor who said he'd buy the shirt on one condition:

X-Men '97's next episode arrives on March 27th, and a new one will drop each following Wednesday until the series is completed in mid-May.

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