10 names that parents have been banned from naming their babies

A mother from Powys, Wales, has been banned from naming her baby Cyanide by the Court of Appeal.

The court ruled that the “unusual” choice might harm the children, despite the mother’s argument that it was a “lovely, pretty name” with positive connotations of being the poison taken by Adolf Hitler before he shot himself.

The court was told the mother had a history of mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse.

Powys council social workers took the case to court when they learned of the given names, and in June a judge forbade the mother from formally registering the twins’ forenames.

Both the twins were taken from her care, and 'Cyanide' and 'Preacher' will now be named by their older half-siblings.

It's unusual for the UK courts to intervene in the naming of a child - Lady Justice King, who presided over the case said it happened "in only the most extreme cases".

This can be testament to the fact that there are children walking around the UK with the names 'Superman', 'Gazza', 'Gandalf' and 'Arsenal'.

Let's revisit a few of the most extreme cases around the world in recent memory:

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