10 signs that you are cheugy – from skinny jeans to Boomerangs of drinks

<p>Find out whether you’re “cheugy” with our guide.</p>

Find out whether you’re “cheugy” with our guide.

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The latest Gen-Z term “cheugy” (pronounced chew-gee) has taken the internet by storm and has left millennials wondering whether or not they fit the description.

The word came from a viral TikTok where it was described to mean “the opposite of trendy.” Sounds simple enough, right?

Though the word encapsulates more than just outdated trends, it can also be used to describe someone following a certain trend long after its prime.

The New York Times tweeted out a definition of the buzzword, describing “cheugy” as “someone who is out of touch or trying too hard. It’s not quite ‘basic’ but behind the trends... inauthentic.”

Another helpful person on Twitter posted a diagram of where the word is aligned to in comparison to other similar words such as “basic,” “fratty,” and “bimbo/himbo.”

But what are some real life examples that would be classed as being “cheugy”?

We’ve scoured the internet to give you the ultimate guide to find out whether or not you are in fact “cheugy”:

#GirlBoss energy


This one we can all agree should be left in 2014.

The term was first popularised by American entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso. It was the title of her autobiography, and became a bestseller then later adapted into a TV series that described her transformation of an eBay vintage store into the multi-million-dollar fashion brand that is Nasty Gal.

The term has not aged well as many now view it as a cringey and “patronising” image of a woman running a business.

Is the “girl” in “#girlboss” really necessary?

In 2021, the answer is a resounding no and if you’re still using this term then you’re “cheugy.”

You’re an adult who is still obsessed with Disney, Friends, Harry Potter, Grey’s Anatomy, The Simpsons or the US Office

A Disney obession in adulthood defintely qualifies “cheug” status.Getty Images

We can all appreciate a good TV show or movie series, but some definitely take it way too far.

I’m looking at you Disney and Harry Potter fans in particular – I mean how many times do you want to visit the Cinderella Castle and Diagon Alley?

And don’t even get us started on the wedding proposals.

Definite “cheugy” behaviour.

Cheesy captions and hashtags

This one really speaks for itself – any kind of cheesy captions or hashtags on your social media accounts is “cheugy.”

“Cheugy” captions include: “I did a thing” when you get a hair cut, and “views” for scenic scenes. The dreaded “fri-yay” and “about last night” make the list too.

Sorry, but you’ve got to be more inventive than that now.

Loving chevron patterns

The chevron trend is very much outdatedGetty Images/iStockphoto

Gen-Z are a much more understated generation when it comes to visual trends and so loving loud chevron patterns is officially “cheugy.”

Better throw away those chevron furnishings.

‘Live, Laugh, Love’ signs or any wooden sign with quote for that matter

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The quote “Live, Love, Laugh” has been a meme on its own for years, so if you’ve still got one hanging in your house then there is no shadow of a doubt, you’re “cheugy.”

This also applies to other wooden signs with a quote – Gen Z are not having it.

Even “SNL” began the campaign against this home decor item earlier this year.

Extra “cheugy” points if the quote on your wooden sign is about wine, coffee or prosecco.

Wearing skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are no longer in style according to Gen Z.YouTube/ YouSeeMeTrolling

Maybe it’s because of Gen Z fashion icon, Billie Eilish leading the way with oversized clothes or maybe it’s the fact that the youth of today don’t want to put themselves through the discomfort of wearing tight skinny jeans everyday.

Either way, skinny jeans are now “cheugy.”

Meaning, skinny jeans are no longer a wardrobe staple and, if you don’t believe us, then just ask the “Four Lads in Jeans.”

Boomerang first “cheers” at the bar


If you’re on Instagram, you can’t escape the endless stories of people showing off their first drinks at the bar or club.

We get it, you’re going out, out.

I mean, what’s so special about a drink?

Now Gen Z are putting their foot down and will no longer accept those repetitive clips, so if you’re that person in the friend group that insists on a quick Boomerang for Insta, then you’re “cheugy.”

Ugg boots

If these are still in your shoe cupboard then you’re certainly “cheugy.”Getty Images/iStockphoto

“Cheugy” is defined by trends that go out of fashion and Ugg boots certainly fit that description – they scream late noughties and early 10s.

Although they’re great at keeping our feet warm, the verdict’s in and it’s not looking good if you own a pair.

Have hair in side part

Actress Marion Cotillard in 2013 back when side parts were the trend.Getty Images

From beehives, to mullets, to perms, much like fashion, hair trends come and go over the decades and one particular hairstyle that is currently on the out is wearing your hair in a side part.

Nowadays, people actually want to show off their foreheads as the current hairstyle trend is having your hair in a middle part.

If you haven’t made the transition then you're “cheugy.”

Herbal Essences shampoo

This one is a bit more abstract but gives us “cheugy” vibes nonetheless.

In her viral video introducing “cheugy” to the world, Hallie Cain said that one of the of the characteristics of this lifestyle are Herbal Essence products.

Sometimes you don’t need an explanation, it just speaks for itself.

There is an endless amount of “cheugy” stuff out there, with other honourable mentions including: graphic tees, denim jackets, marble, Starbucks merchandise and rose gold.

We can’t wait to see what word Generation Alpha come up with to describe Gen Z in ten years’ time.

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