The Solid Chocolate Company

Just like graduating from university, buying your first car and other big life events – the idea of Easter eggs is really exciting at first, then a bit disappointing in reality.

A day of guilt-free chocolate is great, sure – but all that air inside the egg doesn’t half feel like a waste.

And a little plastic bag of Smarties inside isn't exactly going to make it up to us.

But now, you never have to experience that feeling of despair when you crack open an Easter egg consisting of five per cent chocolate, 95 per cent air.

Thanks to The Solid Chocolate Company, with some subtle hinting, this beautiful work of art is saving Easter.

Picture:Picture: The Solid Chocolate Company

The solid chocolate egg is made up of 42 separate, totally solid, chunks of Belgium chocolate – so you stand some chance of being able to eat it. That’s 750g of nothing but chocolate.

We feel like it's no coincidence that 42 is also the answer to life the universe and everything.

There’s a choice of four eggs sale – but the milk chocolate is currently the only one still available.

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