11 jokes only art history geeks will understand

Artists don't have all the fun you know.

Sure they're creative, deep and thoughtful but where's its really at is art history. When the libations are flowing we really know how to party. So, in celebration of art historians everywhere, here are some jokes that only true geeks will understand.

1. #dat-apse

Because Gothic is the "Modern" style, it demands hashtags

2. Earaser

And you thought you'd heard all of the Van Gogh ear jokes

3. Toilet humour

4. Finding a mug that matches your humour

5. This Pharaoh

6. The pressures of unrealistic body images

7. Medieval memes are the best memes

More on the messed up world of Hieronymous Bosch.

8. Educational jokes

9. Minimalism

10. Tee- hee

11. There were a lot of these to choose from

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