14 of the most ridiculous lies ever told

14 of the most ridiculous lies ever told

What's the most outrageous lie anyone has ever told you?

That's the question posed by a recent, brilliant, Reddit thread. Here we've collected some of the best responses, as well as some i100 and Independent staff members who also wanted to share their experiences. Enjoy, and let us know if you have been told a more outrageous fib in the comments.

A 300 lb co-worker who claimed to run 5 miles every morning with his pals from the SWAT team. And he owned a classic car that I insisted he bring in to show off and the next day he said he was in an accident on the way to work and it was now written off.

A boy in college was accused of stealing a bike and flat-out denied it, even getting his priest to write in and give a character reference. CCTV of him stealing the bike later emerged.

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My friend is an only child and he used to deny drawing on the walls at home

That they were a famous pop star's son and could introduce me to them. That pop star in question was childless.

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He's the world's most dangerous hacker and the gov't pays him not to incite WW3.

I had a college roommate at a state university that played for the marching band. Over the course of 5 years he had convinced myself and friends that he (among many other things)....

Played a concert with Eric Clapton

Performed in the Broadway play, Wicked

Recorded an album with Billy Joel

Owned a Maserati

Got an entry level job offer from a MAJOR wealth management company as a senior financial analyst starting at $300k with signing and moving bonuses.

Oh yeah and he was a Finance and Music double major that couldn't finish his Finance degree due to making a D+ in Financial Accounting.

A classmate told me that he owned Philadelphia Airport and had four private jets, a Bentley, and a Ferrari.

That time she snorted cocaine with Charlie Sheen in Vegas. About a week later, she happened to be talking about how her dream is to meet him.

At secondary school this kid said he was Richard Branson's nephew and could get Fifa 97 for us. The year was 1995.

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She claimed that her ovaries, which had been removed for some reason or another, had grown back and now she can have kids. She was crying tears of joy as she told me this.

One time we traded Goosebumps books. and when I gave him his back it had EXTREMELY MILD wear and tear from a book being read. And then I picked mine up a couple days later and it was torn to f---ing s--t. It had pen marks all over Slappy the Dummy's face outlining his jaw and all over his body. Everywhere on the back too. And I swear to God, he claimed that he dropped the book on a "Swiss Chalet Sword" the little plastic ones you often find in drinks with a lime wedge speared through it.

I knew a pathological liar in high school. This guy was 15 years old and made the following claims:

He was best friends with Britney Spears (back when she was the biggest star in the world)

He was a relief pitcher for the Colorado Rockies

He was writing the screenplay for the next Bond movie

He had a net worth of $10 million

He had a stereo system that could cause earthquakes

That he knew the owner of Oceania and could get a group of us in for free. When we all actually turned up to go to the club, he ran away.

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Work at Dominoes. Lots of deluded people. My favorite is a guy who claims he can speak 17 languages. Used to be a cryptologist in the Navy or some shit. We have a Spanish speaker, a Hindi speaker and I speak Mandarin. We all test him all the time and he will respond with gibberish. It is absolutely amazing that he trying to maintain this lie.

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