People are obsessed with this 15 second personality test

People are obsessed with this 15 second personality test
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A personality test has gone viral in TikTok that only takes 15 seconds to complete

TikToker Morgana O'Reilly (@morganaoreilly) made a video to explain what the personality test that is all based on animals is about and noted how she came across the test from another creator.

"I can’t remember the creator that shared it. I’m sorry. But it’s been with me ever since," she said.

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First, Morgana starts off by asking viewers to think about the first animal that comes to mind.

"Any animal, the first one that comes to your head," the TikToker said.

But hypothetically, this animal is no longer available and asked what would be everyone's second animal and then again, says this one is not available and asks people to choose a third animal.

Now you have picked out three different animals, Morgana then breaks down what these mean in terms of the order they were picked in what how they relate to aspects of our personality.

"The first animal is the way you see yourself," she explained. "The second animal is the way other people see you.

"And the third animal is who you really are."



I saw this on a deep tiktok scroll. I can’t remember the creator that shared it, I’m sorry. But. Its been with me ever since. #15secondpersonalitytest (i totally made it last longer than 15 seconds, sorry).

Since sharing the quick personality test, Morgan's TikTok has received 2.9m views, 225,000 likes and tens of thousands of comments from people who revealed their

One person said: "I think I’m a dog, people see me as a horse, but I’m actually a GIRAFFE. But I’m petite. WHAT IS THIS."

"OK so people think I'm a pig but I'm actually a dog," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Gasp.. I’m a possum.. accurate."

"So I see myself as an elephant but other people see me as a beaver when in reality I’m actually a squirrel, huh?!" a fourth person commented.

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