15 times British politics was more farcical than 'The Thick of It' this week

15 times British politics was more farcical than 'The Thick of It' this week

Akin to the show, this article contains foul language

We imagine at this point, other than despairing for the utter state of things, Armando Iannucci is somewhat swelled with the satisfaction of knowing he got it bang on the money.

When he was discussing the final series of his show, the creator said:

When people in real life politics start quoting elements of it to attack opponents, that line between reality and stupidity has been crossed.

You kind of think they really ought to be getting on with their own lives. It's not the reason I decided to stop doing it, it's just an interesting point we've arrived at.

There's been a cavalcade of political gaffes on the left and the right, this week and it's been so entertaining we've had to check that we're not actually watching some of the BBC's finest work.

Let's review a little how this week seemed exactly like performed by Peter Capaldi, Chris Addison, Rebecca Front and co.

1. When the Health Secretary was chauffered past striking junior doctors

Public hating the government policy? Check Minister taking enormous flack? Check Bad PR move caught on social media?


2. When Barack's visiting got political

"It's not going to cause a stir, it's Barack, everyone loves Barack."

3. "It'll blow over, noone talks about Brexit"

At least no one's talking about junior doctors now.

4. "What's a Cassetteboy?"

5. "They're calling me what?"

6. Meanwhile, in Opposition

7. "Naz has been suspended, nothing's going to happen now. It's over."

8. "Shut him down, nothing happens, no one talks, no cameras, no more interview nothing!"

9. A secondary character tries to get in the picture for no reason at the least opportune moment

10. "Oh Jesus Christ, get them off the TV!


"You're suspended Ken, you can leave the toilet now."

12. Then George Osborne provided some comedic relief

13. "What crisis?"

14. "It's fine, everyone's talking about Labour now, we might even win London!"

"Fuck's sake, Zac!"

15. "You just need to project an air of competence and strength"

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