Picture: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
Picture: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Our impression of a person is so often moulded by the language they use and the manner in which they speak.

Margaret Thatcher famously had voice training to lower hers an octave, which is commonly acknowledged to have helped her rise to the top of the Conservative party.

We're also fascinated by words that we should and shouldn't use, as evidenced by the amount of articles of this kind and the fact that you have elected to read this very one.

A recent article on Entrepeneur has defined a list of words that make people feel inferior - so we've tried to go one further and identify a few that make people think that those who use them are snobs.

We asked a few friends, consulted a few reddit threads, and these are the ones we came up with.

Vote for your favourites and let us know any we should add in the comments.

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