5 reasons to say 'yes' to marriage

A hilarious magazine article from 1958 that advises women on how to get a husband has been uncovered in a viral TikTok – and people are in stitches.

TikTok user Jordana Grace (@thejordanagrace) told her half a million viewers, "Ladies, I've found the handbook to bag you a husband". In the viral clip, Jordana rounded up the best of the bunch, kickstarting with tip number 17: "Be nice to ugly men because handsome is as handsome does."

The next piece of advice is to attend "all your high school reunions because there could be widowers there."

Jordana continued: "Number 30. Learn to paint and set up an easel outside of an engineering school.

"Number 25. Go back to your home town because a wild boy next door might now be an eligible bachelor.

"Number 33. Carry a hat box.

"Number 38. Drop a handkerchief. It still works.

"Number 34. Wear a bandaid so he can ask what’s wrong.

The TikTok user certainly saved the best for last. Tip 40 suggested to "stand in the corner and cry softly because they’ll come over and ask what’s wrong."

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Hundreds of fellow TikTokers flocked to the clip, amused by the suggestions.

One made a seemingly accurate reference, joking: "So did the author start the Hallmark movie channel because I'm POSITIVE there's a movie based on every one of these tips."

"You laugh but these are still ways many of women have met their husbands," another added. "This is what they meant by putting yourself out there."

Others joked that people have been doing it wrong all of this time: "*pulls out pen & notepad*".

Meanwhile, some were left intrigued, specifically by the hat box and painting outside an engineering school.

"It’s the painting outside the engineering school for me. Genius, multitasking," one jested.

"What were they thinking," another remarked. "Be right back just going to cry softly in the corner"

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