Man sparks debate over child-free flights after 29 hours stuck next to screaming baby

Distressed passenger films baby screaming throughout 29-hour flight

It’s probably every person’s worst nightmare to be stuck on a long flight with a screaming child and for one unfortunate man that nightmare became reality after he was stuck on a 29-hour flight to Berlin with a child screaming the entire way.

The man’s ordeal went viral on TikTok after he shared clips from the journey showing how a kid continually screamed the whole way.

TikTok user and musician Balu Brigada shared his experience in a video that has been viewed more than 10.3 million times.

They captioned the agonising video, “Hey babe, how was your flight?” while the text overlaying the video read: “Rate my 29 hour flight to Berlin.”

In the clip, he filmed himself sitting on the plane while in the background, a child could be heard screaming at the top of their lungs.

He joked, writing “strong start”, adding “the kid’s got some lungs” as the child continued yelling. Throughout the clips, his left eye kept twitching as the wailing continued.

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Hey babe, how was your flight?

In the comments, people were almost traumatised by what they’d witnessed and called for there to be child-free flights to avoid ordeals like this.

One user commented: “The rage I get just by watching this.”

Another said: “I feel bad for the people next to these children. Also the parents.”

Someone else suggested: “Honestly there should be kid free flights and kid flights.”

“And people have the audacity to ask me why I don't want kids,” someone else commented.

Another TikToker joked: “Best birth control ever.”

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