'Dating rule' says women shouldn't sleep with men unless they've spent $2k on them

'Dating rule' says women shouldn't sleep with men unless they've spent $2k on them
The $2000 dating rule to avoid 'frightful' sex syndrome from men
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Dating in 2023 can be draining. One minute, TikTokers and experts alike urge singletons to abide by a set of rules. The next, there are none.

Then, there's the evergrowing dictionary of dating terms people must become familiar with – and this is all before you've even swiped right.

But now, one 'new' dating technique circulating online has people divided, and it requires a man to spend $2,000 on his date before their date even considers sleeping with him.

Columnist Jana Hocking highlighted the rise of the dating trend, adding that she's warming up to the idea.

"The first reason why this new rule is kinda growing on me is that if a guy is willing to go on enough dates to warrant $2,000 out of pocket expense, then there’s a fair chance the guy is properly invested in you," Hocking wrote for AU News.

"I mean, if a libido can withstand that many dates, then he’s a keeper," she continued.

She went on to share the second reason, writing: "I think most importantly, is spending that amount of time together without getting distracted by nakedness might actually help us get all those icks out of the way nice and early."

The trend was taken a bit more seriously after podcaster Joe Rogan suggested that some men experience something called 'PNS' – look it up. This can often lead to many women being harshly ghosted after intercourse.

He said: "You realise you made a mistake, especially if the woman is really into you, and you’re really not into her and you’re like ‘oh I made an error’ and then you do feel like an a**hole, but I’m just being honest. I got tricked by genetics!"

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